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  • Learn how to leverage OPM (Other People’s Money)

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Evie Brooks

Nice to Meet You!

Hi, I’m Evie Brooks an elite Real Estate Investment Educator, Keynote Speaker, Investor, Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur and former Advanced Trainer for “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and now I specialize in Panama real estate for expats, vacation homes, and organic agriculture “hands off” investments. That means someone else does all the work but you make the lion’s share of the profit.

As the Founder of multiple real estate companies both in the U.S. and in Panama, I work closely with the oldest, largest and most financially secure developers in Panama to access the hard-to-find deals with high potential rates of return. With over 24 years of real estate investment experience, I have educated and mentored thousands of investors through the process of locating, evaluating and analyzing transactions for cash flow and ROI (Return On Investment).

I’ve traveled and trained and been a keynote speaker in over 14 countries and 30 states in the United States. After so many years I have become a trusted source, to lead real estate investment webinars, keynotes, primarily in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, South and Central America and specifically a strong focus on Panama. I also host the most intensive, international Panama investment boots on the ground three day / four night training tour in the country.

During the global pandemic, we see unprecedented interest in agriculture opportunities, primarily due to the soaring demand for organic smart farming investments in Panama where 85% of the food has to be imported as well as other agricultural options around the world. With the UN predicting that the world population will grow from 7 to 8.5 billion by 2030, there is a trend of much higher demand for agriculture investments surging worldwide.

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